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Biodegradable Resources
11 Different Biodegradable Resources You Can Use for Hydroponics

Did you know that there are many different biodegradable materials you can use for hydroponics? Plastic and metal materials can last indefinitely in hydroponic systems, but biodegradable resources w…

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How to choose plants for vertical hydroponics
How to Choose the Right Plants for Vertical Hydroponics

If you plan on setting up a vertical hydroponic system in your home, it's important that you select plants that are suitable for this type of gardening. Learn more here!

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vertical hydroponics
Vertical Hydroponics: The Basics

Learn about vertical hydroponic systems in this article. Get the basics of how this growing system works and a quick overview of some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

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Physical porperties of quality Growing medium
Physical Properties of Growing Medium That Affect Quality

Find out the different physical properties that affect growing media quality. Each one will have a slightly different effect on plant growth, so choosing the right type is important.

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Rain Water for Hydroponics
How to Treat and Use rainwater in Hydroponics?

Learn how to collect, store, and use rainwater for your hydroponic garden - a great way to save money and be more sustainable.

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Outdoor Hydroponics
How to Grow Outdoor Hydroponics in Rain

Learn how to successfully grow outdoor hydroponic plants in rain with this helpful guide.

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Do Rain Affect Outdoor Hydroponic Plants?

Can you grow hydroponic plants in the rain? Rain is a welcome sight for those who garden. For people with outdoor plants, it's something of an inevitability.

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Outdoor hydroponics
Why You Should Consider Outdoor Hydroponic Growing

Are you curious about outdoor hydroponics? This guide will show you the benefits of growing plants outdoors in a hydroponic system, its challenges and how to start it.

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Outdoor hydroponics
4 Common Types of Outdoor Hydroponic Systems

Find out about different hydroponic systems you can use outdoors if you're looking for a way to grow your plants without soil.

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Hydroponic Tower Garden
Why You Should Use Hydro Towers for Your Vegetables

If you're a gardener looking to grow your own vegetables without a lot of space, then hydro towers are the way to go. These towers give you an easy and efficient way to produce fresh veggies without …

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