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An In-Depth Look at the Pros and Cons of the Apera Instruments PH20 Digital pH Meter Kit

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Accurately measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a substance is essential for many scientific, industrial, and personal applications. When it comes to hydroponics, having the right tools is vital, as the wrong pH level can easily damage your system and crops.

Apera Instruments AI209 Value Series PH20 pH Tester Kit is a mid-priced device that can be used to fulfill this purpose. In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this product based on customer reviews so you can decide if it’s worth investing in. We will also evaluate how its performance, durability, value, and customer service measure up against other cheaper alternatives.


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Apera Instruments AI209 Value Series PH20 pH Tester Kit

A pH meter is essential for many scientific, industrial, and personal applications. It is used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, providing critical data for tasks ranging from brewing beer, and maintaining a swimming pool, to managing a large-scale hydroponics operation. Apera’s pH meter is a mid-priced device assessed for its performance, durability, and value.

Based on customer reviews, we’ve summarized the key pros and cons:


  • Steady and reliable readings: Customers reported that the Apera pH meter consistently provided accurate measurements.
  • Speed and readability: The Apera pH meter reads quicker than cheaper models and features an easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Superior build quality: Users felt the Apera meter was more durable and well-made than cheaper alternatives.
  • Excellent customer service: One user reported an outstanding experience with Apera’s customer service when their device malfunctioned.


  • Poorly written instructions: Customers found the instructions hard to follow and found the calibration process to be clunky, particularly in comparison to cheaper alternatives.
  • Marginally superior accuracy: While accurate, some customers noted that the difference in precision compared to cheaper models was relatively small.
  • Potential longevity issues: One customer reported their unit malfunctioned after 11 months, although this was swiftly addressed by Apera’s customer service.

Based on these points, the Apera pH meter is a sound choice for individuals who value accuracy and build quality and don’t mind paying a little extra. While the instructions could use improvement, the meter’s performance, ease of reading, and durability make it a reliable tool.

It is important to note that customers on a budget felt cheaper alternatives could deliver comparable results, especially if one is not overly concerned with precise accuracy.

However, this perceived value for money may be offset by potential longevity issues and the time spent calibrating multiple units.

One standout aspect of the Apera pH meter is the excellent customer service reported, which is crucial when investing in a product like this. Knowing there is a responsive and helpful team ready to address issues can add significant value and peace of mind.

Therefore, while the Apera pH meter may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget, it seems an excellent pick for those prioritizing accuracy, speed, readability, and customer service over cost. Thus, I would recommend this pH meter for those seeking a high-quality, reliable device and willing to pay a little extra.

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