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A Detailed Review of the VIVOSUN Digital PH Meter Set

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Accurately measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid solution is essential in many fields, such as gardening, brewing, hydroponics, and aquarium-keeping. VIVOSUN’s pH and EC meter set is designed to do just that – offer an efficient way to measure both parameters quickly and accurately.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the main features of this product, along with its pros and cons, based on customer reviews. We’ll also discuss whether it’s worth investing in or not by looking at its price point compared to similar products in the market.


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VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo

This pH and EC meter set is a dual-purpose product primarily designed to measure a liquid solution’s pH (acidity or alkalinity) and electrical conductivity (EC). These parameters are critical in various fields like gardening, brewing, hydroponics, or aquarium-keeping, where maintaining a precise pH and EC level is often necessary for optimum growth and health.

Based on customer reviews, here are the main pros and cons of this pH and EC meter set:


  • Easy to use: Many customers found the meters user-friendly and straightforward to operate.
  • Consistent measurements: Users noticed that both meters generally provided consistent results, which is crucial for reliable testing.
  • Budget-friendly: With a relatively lower price than similar products in the market, these meters offer decent value for money.
  • Calibration feature: The pH meter can be calibrated, which can help maintain accuracy over time.


  • Backlight issues: The pH meter’s backlight only stays on for a few seconds, making it challenging to read the results in dim lighting. The EC meter lacks a backlight feature altogether.
  • Accuracy concerns: While the pH meter generally indicates acidity or alkalinity, customers felt that the precision wasn’t up to the mark. The measurements only provide a rough approximation rather than an exact value.
  • Unclear submersion line: The meter’s design does not clearly indicate how far it can be submerged in the liquid, potentially leading to damage if exceeded.
  • Calibration process and solutions: Some users reported issues with the calibration process and dissatisfaction with the included DIY calibration solutions. They recommended using premade Standard Reference Solutions for more accurate calibration.

From these customer experiences, it’s clear that while the pH and EC meter set has some admirable qualities, such as ease of use and consistency, it also has some significant drawbacks. The lack of a durable backlight, potential accuracy issues, and the problematic calibration process can hinder the product’s overall usability and reliability.

Considering the price point, it’s fair to say that these meters provide a reasonable degree of value for money, especially for those who require a rough estimate rather than a highly accurate reading. However, this product might fall short for professionals or enthusiasts who need precision.

In conclusion, I recommend this pH and EC meter set to beginners or hobbyists who are just starting out and don’t need extreme accuracy. However, if precision and durability are your top priorities, consider investing in a higher-end product.

Remember, one user had a helpful tip: when dissolving the calibration chemicals into distilled water, patience is key to ensure accurate calibration. He also mentioned the necessity to recalibrate the meter occasionally, especially when precision is critical.

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