A Comprehensive Review of the VIVOSUN Digital PH Meter

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An accurate and reliable pH meter is essential when measuring a solution’s acidity or alkalinity. This is especially true for those who need to monitor hydroponic conditions for plants and food preservers.

Fortunately, many affordable options are available on the market today, such as the VIVOSUN Digital PH Meter, reviewed in our blog. In this post, we’ll discuss its key features and pros/cons based on customer experiences so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for a pH meter.


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VIVOSUN Digital PH Meter

Today, we are discussing a valuable tool for plant lovers, food preservers, and anyone needing to monitor pH levels closely: the pH meter under review. This device is purpose-built to test the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, critical for several applications, from maintaining optimal soil conditions for plants to ensuring food preservation safety.

Based on customers’ experiences, here are the main pros and cons of this pH meter:


  • Accurate: Customers have found this pH meter to deliver accurate results within a range of 0.1 to 0.5pH. One user mentioned that it outperformed both a hot tub kit and a General Hydroponics reagent test in terms of accuracy.
  • Affordable: This pH meter is described as “cheap,” presenting a significant value proposition.
  • Easy to read: The device features a light-up display that turns on upon first use, providing clarity and ease of reading.


  • Calibration challenges: Some users have found it hard to maintain accurate readings over time, suggesting a potential issue with calibration. One user, in particular, found it difficult to maintain accuracy within the promised 0.2 margins for error when using the meter for canning salsa.
  • Limited calibration kit: The product comes with only one calibration test kit, and there needs to be a reference about where to get more. Users have expressed a willingness to pay extra for additional calibration packets.
  • Display light issue: The light on the display does not stay on and lacks a button for manual control. This feature would be beneficial to enhance usability.
  • No water resilience: The device is not water-resistant. Users are warned to refrain from immersing the meter fully in water, which might be a limitation for some uses.

Based on these user experiences, it’s evident that this pH meter is a cost-effective solution for most casual users who seek accuracy in a broad range. It seems particularly useful for individuals wanting to optimize their plant soil conditions.

However, there might be better choices for users who require a more precise margin of error. For instance, one user canning salsa needed the meter to accurately measure a pH below 4.5 to prevent botulism, and they found it challenging to rely on the meter’s accuracy completely.

While it’s also highlighted that the light-up display eases readability, the fact that the light doesn’t stay on may hinder its convenience in some situations.

In terms of durability, there are mixed reviews. Some customers found the meter well-constructed and reliable, while others have raised concerns about its durability.

Given these factors, I recommend this pH meter to casual users who require a general understanding of their solution’s pH. It’s affordable, reasonably accurate, and easy to read. But it might be worth investing in a more specialized device for those needing precision in their measurements.

Remember, as with any tool, proper care and maintenance, such as storing the device in an electrode solution when not in use, can extend its lifespan and enhance performance.

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