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Oasis vs. Rockwool Cubes. How to Choose?

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The Hydroponic growing medium is a key component of any Hydroponics system. Hydroponic systems are environmentally friendly because they use less water and do not require soil or dirt, unlike traditional gardening methods.

Hydroponic systems also produce more yield in the same amount of time for traditional gardens to produce the same yields.

However, appropriate selection of growing medium plays a key role in the Hydroponics system.

We’ll look at the Rockwool cubes and Oasis Cubes in this post. Both products have pros and cons that each Hydroponic grower should consider before using them on the plants.

What Should You Know About the Rockwool?

Rockwool is made from volcanic rock that has been heated and melted into small fibers. These tiny fibers are then spun into strands or cubes, making them an excellent growing medium for Hydroponics.

Rockwool is another popular choice for Hydroponic growers because it is a reliable and long-lasting growing medium.

Rockwool is available in small cubes and slabs for commercial Hydroponics operations. It is made of fine fibers and then spun around a central core, making it easy to cut pieces using sharp scissors or an X-ACTO knife.

Rockwool holds moisture very well but does not hold nutrients as readily as oasis cubes.

It is also essential to choose Rockwool cubes with a pH level of at least five and the EC (electrical conductivity) levels between one and two.

Rockwool cubes can be used both Hydroponically, through Deep Water Culture or Ebb & Flow systems, as well as Aeroponic growing methods.

However, Hydroponic growers who use Rockwool cubes should remember that their nutrient solution’s pH and EC levels will need to adjust with each water change. Also, know the alternatives for rockwool.

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What Should You Know About the Oasis Cube?

Oasis cubes are made from a natural material- cotton.

Oasis cubes are a popular choice for Hydroponic growers because they are easy to work with and are available in many different sizes.

It is also essential to choose Oasis cubes with a pH level of at least six and the EC (electrical conductivity) levels between one and two.

The advantage that oasis cubes have over Rockwool cubes is that they are easier to handle.

They do not crumble or break apart when cut, making Hydroponic growers happy because messy mediums can lead to water flow and nutrient uptake by the plants.

Oasis cubes also have a neutral pH level, so there’s no need for Hydroponic growers to adjust the pH levels of their nutrient solution with each water change.

Oasis cubes are available in small packs and large bricks for commercial Hydroponics operations.

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So, Which Is the Best Growing Medium for You?

Each Hydroponic grower will have a different answer, depending on their needs and preferences.

When you are confused about selecting a hydroponic growing medium between Oasis cubes vs. Rockwool, you should look into the determining factors explained below. These could ease your selection process.

1 . The size of your Hydroponics system

If you are growing a small Hydroponic garden, oasis cubes are a good choice because they are available in many sizes.

If you are looking for a durable Hydroponic growing medium that is easy to work with, Rockwool may be a good option for you.

2 . Type of Hydroponic system

Oasis cubes are perfect for beginners who are just getting started using Hydroponic systems because we can reuse them, so there is no significant financial investment in the oasis cube itself. However, We can only use oasis cubes in Hydroponic systems that use a water-based nutrient solution.

If you are looking to grow plants in a Hydroponics system that uses a soil-less mix or an ebb and flow system, then Rockwool cubes would be the better choice because they hold moisture better than Oasis cubes.

3 . What you are trying to grow in your Hydroponics system

While we can use both Rockwool cubes and oasis cubes to grow various plants in Hydroponics, oasis cubes are a better choice for beginners because they are easier to work with and can be reused.

We can use both Rockwool and Oasis cubes to cultivate various plants in Hydroponics, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and many other types of vegetables.

The plants that can be grown in Rockwool cubes, but cannot be grown in oasis cubes, need more water.

4 . Climate and environment

If you live in a hot, dry climate, Rockwool is a better choice because it helps to conserve water.

Oasis cubes are a better choice if you live in a cold climate because they help keep the roots of your plants warm.

5 . How often do you need to water your Hydroponics system.

If you need to water your Hydroponics system more frequently, Rockwool is a better choice because it holds onto the moisture longer.

If you don’t need as much water or if you are trying to keep things simple with Hydroponics, oasis cubes are a better choice.

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6 . Your budget for Hydroponic materials and equipment.

Rockwool might be a better choice if your hydroponic system is new because it’s cheaper than oasis cubes.

If you’ve already built out a Hydroponics system and want to avoid adding more expense, oasis cubes are a better choice.

7 . Your Hydroponic experience.

If you are new to Hydroponics, oasis cubes are a better choice because they are easier to use than Rockwool.

If you have more Hydroponic experience, Rockwool is a better choice because it can help increase the success of your Hydroponic system. Make sure to use Rockwool only if you take precautions.

If you are looking to buy Oasis cube or Rockwool as growing mediums for your garden, click the below-shown links to buy a suitable one.

  1. Rockwool
  2. Oasis cube

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In Conclusion

Hydroponic growing mediums are important for Hydroponics, and you have a few. Oasis cubes vs. Rockwool are one of the most common choices that Hydroponics growers face because these two options have different benefits depending on your needs.

If you’re still unsure which option might be best for you, consider considering the above list of determining factors about oasis cube vs. Rockwool. These will help guide your selection process so that it’s easier!

Thank you for reading!

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