Biodegradable Resources
11 Different Biodegradable Resources You Can Use for Hydroponics

Did you know that there are many different biodegradable materials you can use for hydroponics? Plastic and metal materials can last indefinitely in hydroponic systems, but biodegradable resources w…

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Rain Water for Hydroponics
How to Treat and Use rainwater in Hydroponics?

Learn how to collect, store, and use rainwater for your hydroponic garden - a great way to save money and be more sustainable.

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Outdoor Hydroponics
How to Grow Outdoor Hydroponics in Rain

Learn how to successfully grow outdoor hydroponic plants in rain with this helpful guide.

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Do Rain Affect Outdoor Hydroponic Plants?

Can you grow hydroponic plants in the rain? Rain is a welcome sight for those who garden. For people with outdoor plants, it's something of an inevitability.

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Outdoor hydroponics
Why You Should Consider Outdoor Hydroponic Growing

Are you curious about outdoor hydroponics? This guide will show you the benefits of growing plants outdoors in a hydroponic system, its challenges and how to start it.

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What Are the 10 Ways to Avoid Over or Underwatering Your Seedlings in Hydroponics
What Are the 10 Ways to Avoid Over or Underwatering Your Seedlings in Hydroponics?

Watering your plants correctly is one of the most important aspects of hydroponic gardening. If you're having trouble with your hydroponic garden, check out these ten ways to avoid over or underwater…

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Hydroponics in a Variety of Climates
Successful Hydroponics in Any Climate

We'll discuss the importance of choosing the right system, which plants are best for your climate, and how to adjust your setup for changes in temperature and humidity.

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How to Make Kratky Method More Efficient and Effective
How to Make Kratky Method More Efficient and Effective

The Kratky hydroponic growing technique is simple, effective and easy to use. However, it can be improved upon with these tips.

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10 mistakes indoor hydroponic gardners make when planting seeds
The 10 Most Common Mistakes Indoor Hydroponic Gardeners Make When Planting Seeds

It can be difficult to grow a successful garden when you're new to indoor hydroponics. To avoid making the same mistakes, it's important that you know what those mistakes are and how to correct them!

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Why oxygen is important in hydroponic systems
Why Oxygen Is Important in Hydroponic Systems

If you're new to hydroponics or are just looking for ways to increase your crop's yields, it's important that you understand the role oxygen plays.

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